Pothies Slippers

It’s time to order your slippers!
Childrens Slippers (UK 4 and below) £28.99
Adults Slippers (UK 5 and above) £48.99
All slippers are made by me here in my studio in mid-west Wales, if you have any questions please do contact me. I’ll answer them quickly.
At present I have a turn around of about 3 weeks, I’ll advise you further when I receive your order.
Warmly, Belinda.

How to use the foot template


I specailise in making your Pothies fit just-so, especially if you have a wide instep, very narrow or wide feet. Your feet are unique and whilst I offer an ‘off-the-peg’ service, to get the very best out of Pothies it’s well worth downloading the Foot Template and sending them to me via snail mail or electronically via email. Please be sure to measure your longest and widest points and to write that clearly on the template.

You will only have to do this once as I keep your templates in a file for you, along with a sample of the wool that I’ve used and any alterations I’ve made along the way.

A few words on COLOUR

Colour makes my world go round – I could play with it all day long, it is one of my greatest pleasures. I am inspired daily by the world around me, from the landscape as the seasons change to the latest branding on corporate vans that whizz passed me. I love the way certain colours make others ‘pop’ and how it has the ability to affect the emotions. It’s my greatest honour to choose these colours just-for-you.

I work best using a colour theme as a rough guide, I then set to work pulling yarns from my shelves and tubs; I am always looking to see how they respond to each other, twisting them slightly as I go to see if they’re going to ‘play nice’. Larger amounts of any one colour can dramatically change the over all effect whereas maybe just a very thin thread of something unexpected might lift the whole colour way into another stratosphere.



The themes that I have included are a starting point. They will be similar but not the same as I never replicate a pair of slippers, each pair is unique.

My stock of wool is always changing, new colours and textures come in whilst I say goodbye to old favourites. This keeps my work fresh, and quite honestly enables me to continue making Pothies without the slightest hint of repetition – it’s all down to the rhythm of crochet hook and the way that the colours present themselves in each stitch. For me it’s a winning, totally blissful combination and adds to the quirkiness of each slipper.

I look forward to finding out what colours inspire you. If you’d rather choose your own colours – please do; I’d love it!  There is an option in the drop down menu for you to write in your ideas. Can’t wait.

Warmly, Belinda x

Blackberry Ink
Dawn Shadows
Fruit Salad
Hedgerow Berry
Stormy Seas
Velvet Seas
Welsh Slate