Pothies | A Quiet Celebration of Life and a Gentle Hug for your Soul.


Welcome to Pothies, a small Welsh based creative business. Pothies are made by me, Belinda, either out in the fields or in front of the wood burner, weather and season dependent. I believe that you deserve the time to put your feet up and be comfortable in your precious, quiet moments. We’ll work together to create your perfect slipper,  you can choose your own colours, wild and crazy or earthy and calm, in any style, shape and size. You want Sparkles? Lets do it! I really look forward to our creative journey together, and getting to know you. Thank you so much for stopping by. Warmly, Belinda x


Pothies are the simplest act of self-care imaginable


The classic Pothies Slipper, unchanged for 70 years. Adult's Slippers £43.99 | Children's Slippers £23.99 Choose you colours and size.. Plenty of space to customise your own.

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'Pick your Own Pothies' Voucher. You'd like to gift some Pothies but have no idea which size or colour? This is the perfect solution, the whole Pothies choosing experience in a pretty envelope with touchy-feely threads. Draw around your feet, choose your colours and post back to me. LOVE!

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Pothies Boots all ways. Pothies Boots | Loopy Boots | Baby Boots £28.99 - £58.99 Adults and Childrens variations Choose your colours and sizes or customise your own. It's all possible!

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Creativity connects me to my heart, my hands, my breath and the wilder rhythms of the natural world. I am often left feeling peacefully exhilarated and I'm keen to share some inspiration with you so that you can feel it too! As Dotty Angel says "Do feel a little crafty at least twice a day"....


Cultivating Curiosity builds interest in the world around us, which results in a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. Join me for a deeper exploration on The Simple Things which fill-us-up-to-the-brim with unquantifiable riches and deep soul comfort.


I am blessed to live on a smallholding in Mid West Wales. We live in a solid stone Farmhouse, bustling along with our furry companions and hungry log stoves! Here, we carve out our lives in relationship with the Land and Seasons, come wind, rain, sun or snow. I'll be keeping you up to date on the comings and goings of our rural antics!

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