A warmer

way of life

A warmer way

of life


A snuggly hug for one.

Adding warmth and comfort on the go. Original and thrifted hot water bottle carriers




Fluffy like clouds.

Joy for your feet, a moment made just for you. Fully washable slippers, any size, any colour




Your cuddly friend

More ‘oooh’, less ‘ouch.’ Handcrafted hot water bottle covers



To the adventurers, the thinkers, the creators, the intrepid warriors.

To the ‘It’s not too late to try something new” folk

And those who just want to feel warm.

This is your time. And this is your place.

Together we can thrive and flourish.

Hi I'm Belinda,

This is my story

Like a bowl of apple crumble with lashings of custard, my creations are the deep soul comfort you need to conquer the world.

From the shocking frigid waters of your first chilly dip, a cosy retreat from a wet and windy dog walk or just that extra snuggle you need to get you through a busy day, I’m here for you.

Why? Because I’m always cold! And I’ve never been able to ignore the siren call to be a maker, bringing joy to others through the things I create in my studio in rural Wales and supporting the wealth of talent in the hills I call home.

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I see a world of endless possibilities and adventure with every stitch I sew.

I’d love to know where my creations end up and the fun they have. Share where yours go with: 

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Introducing our new Melin Tregwynt Cosymajigs range!

We’re so proud to be collaborating with the wonderful Melin Tregwynt fabrics.

This is a Cosymajig that celebrates Welsh industry past & present with a celebration of simplicity, design & untold warmth.

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