How to wear your Cosymajig...

The Cosymajig is completely adjustable so that you can wear it the way you like to.

By tightening or loosening the straps you have complete control.

Wear it on your front or on your back and even on your side.

High up or low down the possibilities are endless.

Slim enough to fit under jumpers, coats and particular snug under a DryRobe.

The straps are long enough so that one size fits all.

The O.G.

step one

hold the cosymajig infront nice and snug, and cross each strap over your shoulders…

step two

bring the straps back round to your front around your waist…

step three

feed the ends of the straps through the loops at the bottom of the cosymajig…

step four

take the straps back to the back, and tie in a lovely big bow and get snuggly!

The tummy cuddle

great when your tummy needs a warm hug… heck flip reverse it and its a great back warmer too!

step one

hold the cosymajig horizontally across your tum then take the straps behind your back

step two

loop the straps through the bottom hoops to secure then take them back round again

step three

you should have doubled straps across your lower back… tighten till comfy.

step four

loop the straps through the top hoops to secure then fasten them around the neck of your water bottle in a scrumptious bow. 

The halterneck

the vogue edition….

step one

flip your cosymajig over and loop each strap through the opposite loop…

step two

then thread the straps through the bottom hoops – now its ready to put on…

step three

once over your neck pull the bottom straps till secure and snug – then take the straps behind your back

step four

tie in a nice big bow for that couture backless snuggly look!

Introducing our new Melin Tregwynt Cosymajigs range!

We’re so proud to be collaborating with the wonderful Melin Tregwynt fabrics.

This is a Cosymajig that celebrates Welsh industry past & present with a celebration of simplicity, design & untold warmth.

we'll let you know when we're making pothies...