The Cosymajig

A snuggly hug for one

Wherever life takes you, now your hot water bottle can come too.

The Cosymajig

A snuggly hug for one

Wherever life takes you, now your hot water bottle can come too.

Original Cosymajig

A lightweight hot water bottle carrier that looks as fab as it feels made with organic and ethical cotton fabrics. With fully adjustable straps, you can wear it on your front or back, wherever you need the most comfort and warmth. There’s even a pocket to keep your hands warm.

One size fits all. Really it does.

100% British wool or cotton fleeced pocket liners.


Thrifted Cosymajig

Just like our original, but with a little extra joy knowing you’re doing your bit to help keep fabrics out of landfill. Each one is designed from thrifted and vintage treasured materials, so if you enjoy originality, you will love these!

100% British wool or cotton fleeced pocket liners.


Explorer and lover of life? Meet the Cosymajig.

The story

When you start sea swimming in the depths of January, being struck with creative inspiration is the last thing on your mind. But that’s what happened to me. Watching my fellow chill swimmers stuff hot water bottles down their trousers to keep warm and experiencing the agony of my frozen hands defrosting, I knew there was just one answer. A hot water bottle sling WITH pockets! And so the Cosymajig was born. And now it’s being enjoyed by adventurers all over the world. Including in The Yukon, Canada but that’s another story

How to wear

Working in a drafty office, warming up after swimming, relieving chronic or period pain, dog walking, camping, star gazing, potting up in the greenhouse, standing around in the playground, trying to keep your heating bills low. There are many occasions when your Cosymajig can give you the extra hug you need.

It’s completely adjustable, so you can wear it any way you like; you’re in control. The possibilities are endless on your front, back, or side, high up or low down. Need even more warmth? The Cosymajig is slim enough to fit under jumpers, coats and even a DryRobe.

The materials I use

I believe good design is good for our planet, people and the natural world. That’s why the Cosymajig has no plastic buckles or fasteners to break or render my creations defunct. And why I pay careful attention to where I source my materials.

Thrifted Cosymajigs reuse fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill. Often these are the remnants of someone else’s craft, so each piece has a history already woven in.

And our Original Cosymajigs are made from organic fabric made in small batches in India, supporting families and farmsteads and nought to Wales by a local supplier just a few miles down the road from my studio.

The 100% British Wool we use for the inner pockets comes from blanket headstock/roll ends – I never know what colours I’ll get, which adds to the creative fun!

Buying for a loved one and not sure what they’d like?
Give the gift of choice.

Buying for a loved one and not sure what they’d like?
Give the gift of choice.

Free to peruse the different colour ways and styles, a gift card is a perfect way to show someone you care, giving them a choice to decide which Cosymajig they’d like.

Each digital gift card contains a unique code the lucky recipient can redeem upon checkout when they’re ready.

Need the email to arrive on a particular day? I can arrange that for you too.


Yes, I do. Postage is included in the price for the UK, but if you want your Cosymajig to have an adventure abroad, £10 is added at checkout. All products are delivered using a Track service.

Of course! It’s completely adjustable so you can wear it as you like. Here are instructions on how to wear.  

What I make depends very much on the fabrics I have so it’s not possible at this time to pick a bespoke colour or design. But I do update the ranges regularly so if you can’t see something you like now, I may well have one you do in the future!

It is possible to craft a Cosymajig entirely using cottons or synthetic materials without any wool. Please contact me for more details. 


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Introducing our new Melin Tregwynt Cosymajigs range!

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This is a Cosymajig that celebrates Welsh industry past & present with a celebration of simplicity, design & untold warmth.

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