Cosymajig - The Hotwater Bottle Carrier by Pothies

Now you can take your hotwater bottle with you wherever you go – Genius!

Providing hands-free heat and comfort right where & when you need it.

 Fully Adjustable for your comfort (one size fits all)| Front or back – high or low | Integral blanket lined, hand warming pocket.

Get your Jiggle on with a Cosymajig.


4 Colourways to choose from | Organic and ethical cotton fabrics woven by skilled weavers in India | 100% British Wool Pocket liners £75 inc P&P

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Limited Edition

Vintage and thrifted materials | Small batches | 100% British Wool Pocket liners £80 inc P&P

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Market Night Masterpieces | Completely unique | 100% British Wool Pocket liners £90 inc P&P

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     13 occasions to wear your Jig.

  1. In the studio | workshop.
  2. After chill swimming and exercise.
  3. During your menstrual cycle.
  4. On your market stall | farmers market.
  5. For pain relief | chronic pain.
  6. Watching your loved ones play sports or at the playground.
  7. Working at the computer.
  8. Potting up in the greenhouse.
  9. Dog walking.
  10. Camping or around a campfire.
  11. Star gazing, bird watching, being in the Wilds.
  12. On the train, bus or daily commute.
  13. When you don’t want to put the heating on or light the fire.


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