• What is your Address?

    Belinda Knott
    SA48 8HU

  • What are Pothies?

    Pothies are a crocheted slipper, made from both wool and synthetic yarns. The offer cosy, huggable warmth as well as robust strength and durability. They are care-crafted in Wales, and are designed to accompany you in your everyday homely adventures. Pothies have a hardwearing latex rubber sole that allows them to stay flexible and increase the longevity of your slippers.

  • How long will my Pothies last?

    Pothies are robust and hardwearing in their nature. They are made from many strands of yarn, creating a strong, crocheted fabric that provides a good snug hug to your hardworking feet. The time they will last depends on your circumstances. Most customers find that they last between 2-3 years and some as long as 6-7. It is usually the desire for a new colour that creates a new order… not because they wear out!

    Kids pothies last well beyond the childs shoe size due to their stretchability and they have excellent hand-me-down credentials. Buying a size up and will make them last even longer…

  • Can I wash them?

    Yes, you most certainly can. Wash by hand or on a cool, ‘wash as wool’ cycle on your washing machine. Dry with the soles facing up and then they’re good to go. The rubber does not like going above 30c whether it is in the washing machine or out in the sun. They are truly Welsh, and do best in the shade!

  • Can I wear them outside?

    Whilst Pothies are meant for wearing inside, I do know of plenty of folk who dash outside in theirs. It is not encouraged, but it is possible. I personally would strongly recommend slipping your pothy covered feet in to an enormous pair of wellies before doing so….. we do live on a small holding though!

  • Do they have a left and a right?

    When you get your Pothies, you will notice that they look identical. They do not have a left and a right foot. However the next time you put them on, they will have decided which one is which and you’ll be able to feel it.

  • Where can I buy them?

    You can buy your pothies here!

    From time to time we travel to shows and the like. Please sign up to the Pothies newsletter and I’ll keep you up to date with our events diary.

  • My feet are unique and need made to measure slippers...

    Of course we’re all different. I love working out how best to make your Pothies so that they fit you just-so. From high arches, wide toes boxes, long narrow artistic feet, from the dainty to the dinner plates I can make Pothies for you.

    Send me a foot drawing using this templare and we'll go from there.
    There is no extra charge for this service. You have the right to have slippers that fit.

  • I have a special colour requirement, can I custom order?

    Yes, please do! You can choose your own colour scheme when you are creating your pothies.

  • I'd like some Super-hero boots, can you make them for me?

    Yes of course, I love designing new Pothies. Please get in touch with me

  • What does the word 'Pothy' mean?

    Its a Greek/English (grenglish) word meaning ‘foots’

  • Where do I find out more about Pothies?

    I am Passionate about Pothies and have written about them all over the place. Why not start with the History of Pothies and make your way from there.

  • How long will my pothies take to arrive?

    Pothies are handmade and take between 2-3 weeks to arrive on your doorstep.
    If you are wanting them sooner, and aren't worried about your colours I do hold a few in stock, email me.
    I also offer a Pick Your Own Pothies voucher which will bestow the whole Pothy making experience upon someone you love. This can be sent out the same day.

  • Do you post worldwide?

    Yes. Postage is included in the price for the UK for anywhere else in the world price will depend on weight and distance. Price on application.

  • Can they be repaired?

    Pothies come with a length of yarns that I have made your pothies from. These are intended to darn or repair your Pothies if ever the time comes. If you’re not sure about darning and don’t have anyone to ask you may send them back to me for a little TLC.