Hello and welcome to my crafty cottage busy-ness.

I am Belinda, a Colour-Weaver, Crafter, (Over) thinker and beginner blogger.

I’m writing to you from my home in the frosty Teifi Valley where I live with my family, my Beloved, 3 equally beloved children, dogs, cat and feathered friends.

We spend our time living as simply as we can, tending and enjoying our piece of land, whilst carving out our trades.

Currently I have three pairs of shoes, my wellies, my treasured handmade boots and a pair of holey trainers (not including my Pothies)

I’m constantly feeling like I need to look smarter but comfort gets in the way!



I first discovered Pothies on the feet of a new friend I met through a play group soon after moving here. It was love at first sight. I ordered them for our family for Christmas and then came the news that the lady making them was stopping as she had developed a hand tremor. I asked if she’d teach me, which she did, through letter and many a parcel, back and forth I served my apprenticeship. Pretty much any time anyone sneezed they got a pair of Pothies and also, some for their dog, granny, child or husband until I was confident that I was as good as could be.


I was gifted the pattern and I have breathed my creativity and craftsmanship into them until they are what you see before you now. Perhaps you even have some on your feet?
I value practical, beautifully made ‘things’ which endure time so important to me that they stay in the world. Think of old baskets, wooden chests, old toys… all repairable items that fill your life with beautiful hand-made history and un-quantifiable riches.


We moved from Inner City Cardiff when our first daughter was One, sold everything we owned and also joined forces with my in-laws, who also sold everything.
Working together we created our dream wish list and searched and searched; we drove miles on the whim that this might be ‘the One’.   We took a massive risk, moved lock, stock and barrel and have never been happier.

Here we are living our dream; bringing up our family on a smallholding in rural Wales. We play in the river, walk the fields, tend our veggies, pick fruit from our trees and and collect eggs for our breakfast. We’re just about 25 minutes from everything, friends, beaches, school and mountains.


Pothies came to me at a time when we were based at home and occupied by babies and small children, I crafted as they played and as we’ve all grown together. I am now in the process of turning my hobby, my side-hustle into my livelihood. We’re navigating ourselves through calm and sometimes turbulent waters, through moments of cruising and then also flat-out-to-the-finish-line. Running a small business is like that! I am constantly growing and tweaking my craft and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you for joining me.

I hope my journey inspires you, wherever you and your dreams are – I want to tell you that you too, can make yours come true.

Warmly, Belinda x




You’ll find me spending my days creating or tending our plot, you can read about both on my blog.

If you’d like to learn more about the Pothies story before it came to me you can find it here.

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