Ways to buy your slippers this season.

You might recall at the end of the summer the opportunity came to train someone else to help make slippers? It was really valuable, learnt loads but ultimately it didn’t work out because the numbers didn’t stack so I took some professional help. I want Pothies slippers to be around for a long time to come & be able to pay Makers appropriately. Simple values.

Pothies Slippers.. 

To cut a long story short, slipper prices have increased. It needed doing & there’s never a great time. It’ll be Me & Me making your slippers this season & I’ll re-visit more makers next year…. Buuuutttt for now…… here’s a peak of the new colour ways to help gloss over the sticky bit! Nice aren’t they?  Super proud that they’re nearly entirely British Yarns.



Ways to buy Pothies slippers this season:

On the website (which is now OPEN!):

You will see 6 new colour ways collated from the most popular colours that you ask me for time & time again. You can still send me your feet drawings & I will make them to fit, or you can buy them off the peg. 

The custom colour option has been removed and relocated…

On the newsletter
1. Custom colours will be available via slipper slots through my email on a as & when basis. They are my jam & I’m reserving them for you.

2. In addition there will be small batches of ready-made slippers in limited edition colourways. This will mean that there’ll be some ready made stock in November/December when I’ve closed my order book.

Send me your colour ideas & see them come to life?

I’d love to hear from you..




Introducing our new Melin Tregwynt Cosymajigs range!

We’re so proud to be collaborating with the wonderful Melin Tregwynt fabrics.

This is a Cosymajig that celebrates Welsh industry past & present with a celebration of simplicity, design & untold warmth.

we'll let you know when we're making pothies...