Get-away, I’m taking a Mum-oliday.

Getting away

4 days away from your life as you know it?  Sound like bliss or would you hate it? A Mum-oliday was just what was needed! I realised whilst talking with a girlfriend a while back that I hadn’t ever taken anytime out since having my babies to be just on my own; right? I’ve gone on day trips, I’ve taken courses, I’ve been a Gallivanting , for sure, but I have never-ever actually been away, by myself, on my Own-some Lonesome for days on end. I chose the second week of the new term, (new routine – everyone on it) took our lovely caravan on an hours drive down the coast to Mwnt and BINGO, on my own (with the dogs of course!)

Untangling myself

Nailing how to make coffee for one (that’s a proper art form..), sitting and watching the sea and the sunsets, crocheting whilst listening to back to back podcasts, resting, reading, thinking… I re-gathered and untangled myself from the busy depths of parenting these three busy and strong willed children of mine, I found little elements of me that hadn’t been around for a while and let go of others that weren’t serving me any longer.

Quiet Meals times

I ate porridge and stews from an enamel saucepan I found in a charity shop (it seems that getting there was my main focus, not packing) which I developed a strong fondness for.
Meals times were blissfully quiet, and slow. I ate steadily, I re-grounded with every delicious morsel and washed up in a similar, minimalist kind of fashion.

Intentional Company

The only Person I intentionally invited was my super-duper life coach who has journey with me over the years. I find Ruth’s advice invaluable. Taking the time to sit and focus solidly on my vision and exactly how to implement it in the coming months brings such clarity.

In a world where there are so many variables I struggle with long term planning, I often over-think myself into non-action which is not producative. Having Ruth ask me insightful questions really helps me to get a grasp on the steps I next need to put in place. It is equally freeing as it is intense.

Walking to ‘make sense’.

It required a whole lot of walking in-between, of inhaling sea air until my hair was crispy and skin salty.

We live in such a glorious, unspoiled, solid part of the world, I just adore the coast line of Wales. Rugged cliffs and sandy beaches, where the waves crash and the rhythm of the earth reclaims my breath for a short while.

I sat on this cliff top for an age, watching the seals drive and twirl and pop-up all the time drinking my hot peppermint tea from my flask, in my bobble hat, hunkered down out of the wind (it was SO windy).

The whole time, I re-gathered just a little bit more, finding that when I sat down the next time with pen and paper I knew the answers to the questions I’d been holding.

Everything shook its self out in a way that can only happen when you really but your whole focus into your intention. I really loved it.

Rainy day and stopping

Then on the final day the rain came. It took me straight back to my childhood holidays, watching the rain dribble down the caravan windows from my bunk; as often holidaying in the UK was. Days and days of rain. Reading books, playing cards, logic puzzles, listening to U2 on my Walkman, endlessly. Still. Raining.

But today, it was an actual godsend, as I realised that I had still succumbed to my default setting of Busy. I’d been busy packing in all-the-joys of walking without little ones in tow. No cajoling or bribing – getting to the end, getting lost and LOVING IT!

I’d been busy planning action plans, social media, branding and my way with it all.

Now it was time to really stop and I’m so glad I did, Thank you Rain, Thank you Mwnt and thank you black furies for your fabulous company x

And thanks to you for stopping by and having a read.  I hope that you’ve paused a while and caught your breath.

With all my heart I hope that I have planted a little seed of inspiration so that you might take yourself off somewhere for a few days of quiet re-gathering of your being and feeding of your soul, in the same way that my girlfriend did for me. Try not to leave it as long as I did!

I’d love to hear from you, of anything that might have touched you whilst reading.

With love and warmth, Belinda.

P.S My family were totally fine  xx

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