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Another Vintage Linen – Conran this time.

I loved this fabric so much I made a dress from it!

The combination of the blue ribbing and back works so well with this fabric.

The lining for your hotwater bottle is from a sweet baby corduroy also in navy.

Pretty, timeless and one of a kind.








  • Vintage Lined front.
  • Blue back with blue babycord inner lining.
  • Pockets are lined with 100% re-purposed blankets.
  • Midnight Blue cotton ribbing | Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified
  • Blue straps in acrylic twill
  • Made to fit any standard 1ltr Hotwater Bottle (not included)
  • Fully adjustable for your comfort
  • Wear of front or back, high or low- you decide.
  • Machine wash on cool or handwash
  • Made in Wales


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