Mustard Spots Sgwishi


Our Spotty Top Sgwishi has an orange back and contrasting black & white inside


  • Double layered from pure wool blankets made here in the UK, repurposed by us.
  • Wash as wool on a cool setting or by hand. Reshape whilst damp.
  • While the design remains the same each item will vary slightly from the photo shown. Colourways will remain the same but pattern placement will be different.
  • P&P included.
  • Hot water bottle not included.
  • Fits any standard 2ltr hot water bottle.
  • Always follow Hot Water Bottle Manufacturers safety guidelines.

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Introducing our new Melin Tregwynt Cosymajigs range!

We’re so proud to be collaborating with the wonderful Melin Tregwynt fabrics.

This is a Cosymajig that celebrates Welsh industry past & present with a celebration of simplicity, design & untold warmth.

we'll let you know when we're making pothies...