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Thrifted Grey Herringbone Tweed with the perfect matching ribbing.

A beautiful soft blue grey woven fabric lining for your hotwater bottle and Sea Green soft fluffly blanket liner for your hands.

Perfect for any Mermaid or Sea lover amongst you.

This is a soft, classy, understated creation.

It’s an Absolute Delight!



  • Grey Herringbone tweed front and back
  • Blue/grey woven inner lining.
  • Pockets are lined with 100% re-purposed blankets.
  • Grey wool upcycled ribbing.
  • Grey straps in acrylic twill
  • Made to fit any standard 1ltr Hotwater Bottle (not included)
  • Fully adjustable for your comfort
  • Wear of front or back, high or low- you decide.
  • Machine wash on cool or handwash
  • Made in Wales


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