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Fear not if you’d still like to place a slipper order:

  • There are 20 vouchers available in any style which will be redeemable from the 5th Jan 2022.
  • I also have a stock box which I’ll be working through and adding to the shop over December.
  • The best place to keep up to date with all Pothies happenings & can get first dibs on stock items is through my email. 

Thank you so much for your support & purchases throughout 2021.

Warmly, Belinda.

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How to use the foot template


I specailise in making your Pothies fit just-so, especially if you have a wide instep, very narrow or wide feet. Your feet are unique and whilst I offer an ‘off-the-peg’ service, to get the very best out of Pothies it’s well worth downloading the Foot Template and sending them via snail mail or  email. Please be sure to measure & write clearly your longest and widest points.

You will only have to do this once as I keep your templates in a file for you, along with a sample of the wool that I’ve used and any alterations I’ve made along the way.

Choosing your colours

In my opinion colour makes the world go round – it brings a playful essence & is one of my greatest pleasures. Inspired by the world around me, from the changing seasons to the latest branding on corporate vans that whizz past.

I love the way certain colours make others ‘pop’ and how it has the ability to affect the emotions.

It’s my greatest honour to choose these colours just-for-you.



Included are 6 colour ways that you ask for time & time again.

If you’d rather choose your own colours – please do; I’d love it!  This option is available exclusively through my email, just bagsie yourself a slot when they pop up.

Warmly, Belinda x

Pink & Purples
Dawn Shadows (blues & greens)
Peacock Jewels