Low-carb Eggs, Spinach and Sweet Potato Recipe


The chickens and ducks are on it – we have eggs again after the winter months of rest. I am always amazed when they start laying again as soon the days extend by just a few minutes. It’s a good indication that Spring is calling, that and the emerging of the Snowdrops. I love witnessing the first whispers of the following season. It’s magical.

My daily morning routine of the school run then pottering about collecting eggs and feed the poultry, opening the poly tunnel and walking our fields connects me to the seasonal rhythms. Right now the purple sprouting broccoli is gaining strength and the spinach is still cropping. Herbs aplenty and peas in the waiting place. The beginning of this year feels abundant in a way that I’ve not noticed before.


Replacing Carbs

Last year I learned from a Nutritionist about replacing empty carbs for a more Mediterranean based diet, full of plant based goodness and proteins. I have loved the way of eating ever since, its helped to shed a few resistant baby pounds and has generally given me more energy and an overall feeling of wellness. Most of the habit of eating well is planning and having a few go-to recipes that can be whipped up in a few moments. I am a really big fan of eggs for breakfast as they keep me going pretty much all day. Poached, scrambled, baked, they are so easy….


Eggs, Spinach and Sweet Potato Brunch

Since going low-carb this has become a much loved staple and feels especially lovely to use the ingredients that we have here on site. Perfect for late, lazy breakfasts and filling enough to keep you going until tea time. It’s the first time I’ve included a recipe on my blog – I’m a kinda throw it all in cook so hope you get the idea and love it as much as we do! Let me know what you think…

Recipe. (serves 3/4 depending how hungry you all are!)

  • a good splosh of rapeseed oil or large knob of butter
  • one large sliced onion
  • one large grated sweet potato
  • 4-6 eggs
  • good wadge of spinach


1. Put a large frying pan on the stove on a medium heat, add oil and gently sweat the onion and grated sweet potato until they are translucent and soft. 10-15 minutes.

2. Spread them out in an even layer covering the bottom of the pan. Add more oil/butter at this point if it looks dry. You don’t want your mix to burn or stick whilst the eggs cook.

3. Crack your eggs on top. (We all love this dish so I add as many eggs as I can!) Reduce the heat to low.

4. Cover entire dish with a good wadge of Spinach, pile it up, it will wilt massively.

5. Season as you go.

6. Cover whole pan with a lid or large plate and keep on gentle heat for another 5-10 minutes or so. The Spinach will wilt and poach the eggs from the top whilst being gently fried from the bottom. It’s ready when the Spinach has wilted completely and the eggs have turned opaque.

Cut into wedges and serve with Chili sauce and Salt & Pepper. Add always ravenous family and enjoy your weekend!!



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