December, when you’re a Maker.

Let’s talk about how busy December when you are also a maker.

It’s a Roller Coaster Month

There are no two ways around it, look at it from September and look at it again at the beginning of November, there is a kind of roller-coaster quality that pulls you up to  the top of the December and lets you go and there is absolutely nothing you can do but hold on – squealing excitedly and at the same time slightly wetting your pants

Insane and invigorating at best it is definitely THE month as a maker that your whole year pivots around.  What I have come to realise is that there is plenty you can do to support yourself to embrace it, for example,  on-line shopping delivered to your door, and cooking wholesome meals quick time in a pressure cooker (I will write about that soon – I totally LOVE mine). Getting up early to squeeze extra hours in and early nights at the other end. Sending random shared messages to other makers doing the same thing. Its a funny, joyful, slightly un-hinged world which I love.

Taking a break

Yesterday I had really reached the point where I needed a break from crocheting. No matter how much you love something you still need to get away. Actually, truth be told it began as an enforced break, having to drive my daughter and her friends to Band Camp: a 3 day residential course held in Llangrannog, which happens to be a tiny little village by the Sea. Grabbing the opportunity by the hand I began anticipating a good coffee and full Welsh Breakfast in a cafe over looking the crashing waves. Oh yes, that’s me, I’m there.

Except the cafe was closed for the winter and the tiny, newly opened gallery only opened at 12pm. So I walked the beach and inhaled the sea splash and the power of the waves. I watched a surfer bob up and down and felt my shoulders drop a little. It was good. I drove home with the intention of settling down to making but still restless I gave in to the urge in my belly to be outside,  I gathered the dogs and walked 2hrs up our forestry Mountain until I felt like I was on the top of our world. The wind was bitter and the puddles iced over, a heavy frost dusted the grass and the Rose-Bay Willow Herbs curly seed heads.

As I walked I listened to the trees creaking and witnessed the popcorn of thoughts in my mind. Reflecting on the busi-ness of December and so grateful for your orders and requests, trusting me with the honour of making gifts for your Treasured Ones or yourselves.

Walking for me is my sanity, I always feel so much better after I have cleared my head and listened to whatever is bubbling away, the quiet and the rhythm of my feet help me pay attention. Balancing a drip on the end of my nose and returning with red cheeks and tingling ear lobes. I love it.

Adapting and reviewing

Having danced this particular dance for quiet a few seasons now, I absolutely know that it will all work out. That I will adapt,  finishing my orders on time. The way the posting system works out I am always left with a  few days before the kiddos finish school for me to add the bits to Christmas that I want to. I am itching to clean my house from top to toe, to start decorating and welcome the festivities inside. I am hungry to start reflecting on the Pothies journey of 2018, for which there have been many glorious moments and setting my wishes for 2019 with purpose and intention. I’ve downloaded this review journal by Susannah Conway. Can’t wait to get stuck in, just waiting on ink for my printer!!

I am feeling a creative stir to make something different for a wee while.

Listening to the Whispers

These feelings only come after the intense downhill of the roller coaster season of making and are an important and welcome part of the December conversation. A whisper came to me whilst walking that I ought to reflect upon each month concentrating on the wins and the falls so that I can make December (in particular) even more purposeful for next year. Thank you Whisper – it’s good advice. After taking a really good look at the Review Journal there is a section for monthly reviews – I love these synchronicities!

So to you my dear Maker friends, where will you be this time next year? Happy Solstice to you and yours. I’d love to hear what review processes you use – are you new to the idea or a seasoned reviewer? Is it something that really work for you?

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