Cosymajig | Values and Materials

I’m totally passionate that the Cosymajig will be GOOD for the planet, the people and the beasties.

Good Design

Good design by Dieter Rams has become my checklist:

  1. Good Design is Innovative
  2. Good Design Makes a Product Useful
  3. Good Design is Aesthetic
  4. Good Design Makes a Product Understandable
  5. Good Design Is Unobstrusive
  6. Good Design is Honest
  7. Good Design is Long-Lasting
  8. Good Design is Thorough Down To The Last Detail
  9. Good Design is Environmentally Friendly
  10. Good Design Is As Little Design As Possible

It is my pledge to adhere to these principles.

I have designed the Cosymajig to have no plastic buckles or fasteners to enhance it’s simplicity and sustainablity .

Aiming to ensure longevity by using the best materials I can source for the application coupled with great focus on the making.

“Less, but better” Dieter Rams



Caring for the earth is really important, we all know it. Fabric production is an environmental disaster and we must all do our bit to change the way we consumer fabric and energy. I truly believe that healthy and robust communities are key to this change.

Having searched the web for organic and sustainable fabrics, spent weeks down various rabbit holes and beyond, the jigsaw piece that fitted beautifully was The Organic Textile Company here in Machynlleth. I am looking forward to deepening my relationship with them, their fabrics are beautifully made by communities in India.

Re-purposing Factory Waste

I’ve sourced a good supply of blanket deadstock/roll ends from a company in England made from 100% British Wool.

Re-purposed, these make up the inner pockets to the Cosymajigs.

They’re soft and delicious, each box is completely different which means our creativity in matching colour ways are called upon frequently.

Thrifing as a way of life

Thrifted fabric and making something new from old is a firm part of my ethos.

As is “If it’s worth buying – it’s worth repairing.”

Sometimes we will use vintage fabrics for truly unique Cosymajigs, often these are remnants of someone elses craft endeavors or their curtains. Each piece has history.

A word on costs:

I want to be part of the solution.

We know that we need to buy better, buy less, but how do you do that when you have a small budget which is already stretched in all directions?

I have a pair of beautiful handmade boots which were bought for me on my 40th birthday. They cost £500, I have worn them every Winter, Autumn and Spring for 6 years and they are set to last for years to come and after that they can be repaired. They make complete sustainable, ethical sense coming in at less that £85 a year so far. However the chances of me buying another set anytime soon is very small.

But we have to make a change somewhere. Products have to cost the right amount in order to have the proper value in our world.

As I type I am in communication with a company who provide payment plans. I am working as hard as I can to get an account so that Pothies can offer a split payment system. In the mean time please contact me if you need this option.