Cosymajig Story

January 11th 2019 I began Chill Swimming (I know, I KNOW! I still remain adamant that it was actually easier to start in the Winter as the thermal shock isn’t as well, shocking!)

A life-time of poor circulation made me quickly OBSESSED with layers and the warming-up routine because the after-drop can boring and brutal. It’s best to do it quickly without fuss with friends next to you.

A seasoned chill swimming pro became my guru; I bled her dry for every tip she could give me.

A similar Skinny-Minnie build to myself I watched with intrigue whilst she dried, put on a layer, stuffed her hot water bottle in her waistband and did a lap of the beach. Stopping every so often to retrieve her hot-water bottle which had inevitably found its way to the crotch of her joggers. She’d arrive back, add another layer and start again, like some sort of beach-party-game-for-one.

The hotwater bottle was GENIUS but the retrival – hmmmmm???

The idea for the Cosymajig was conceived and I came home and set to work, my Makers mind knew it had to have pockets, ribbing and straps.

Involving sewing friends to help add details to numerous prototypes, sending out testers…. I then began to realise just how useful they were going to be so many people…