Mine wash so well, that 2 months later they are like new still. I can confirm they do stand up to more than the odd dash outside, machine washing, the cat, the twins and constant daily wear too. I really do love these.

They are wonderful, we use them daily- (except when they’ve been wee’d on or soaked in the water tray- hence the need for a spare pair!)

Aishah and Muhammed still wearing them. What a bargain they just grow with them! when they’ve grown outta them im gonna save for the grandkids!

So, I have no idea how many years ago it was that you sent me out my lovely orange slippers, but they have finally died! Thank you for them, I loved them, they went everywhere, now they are roasting in the fire.

I am coming back to order more I tell you everyone loves them just trying to figure out how many pairs I need. Couldn’t find one of mine for a while to be honest was gutted very attached lol xxx

They are not a present to myself they are a treat for my feet.

Yes, lovely warm toes assured 🙂 We got the slippers in the post today..exquisite and stunning rich colours..thankyou very much to Bindi.. we highly recommend you!.. perfect presents all you folks reading this.. it’s easy to order and lovely to receive.

Just received my beautiful pothies & i have to say 5stars isn’t enough! They are totally lush & unbelievably comfortable, the support of a slipper but the comfort of a snuggly sock. I am certainly not easily pleased but have no hesitation is saying they are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. Everyone must buy some! Thank you so much you are a true talent & I shall be back for a second pair once I have decided on the colour 🙂

I can’t thank Bindy enough for her time, effort, patience and utter love for what she does. Howard and I love our pothies and have been wearing them for many many years, originally made by a lady called Judith. Judith has since stopped due to old age and then I found Bindy who has managed to keep this wonderful art alive. We live in Australia now, but that did not stop Bindy sending me swatches, altering my many demands and simply being outstanding in her level of service. Not only that she has added her own twist by giving me surprise sequins. PIMP MY POTHIES all the way!!! I am ready to enlighten the world down under…..watch out for your order overload!! Thanks so much xxx

Have just received my pothies and they are fantastic, the colours chosen are even prettier in “real life” and the fit is fantastic, and boy do they warm your feet. I will be recommending them to everyone, the whole sales process was a pleasure and i can now say i have very, very “happy feet” xx

Since discovering “Pothies” on Facebook a few months back I have order 6 pairs!! Not just for myself but for my children, my dad! and also family members as gifts. They are the most comfortable slipper I’ve ever worn. The non slip sole makes them perfect for walking around on smoother surfaces as it eliminates the “slip factor”. They are so warm and mould perfectly to the shape of your feet, some nights I have to tear myself apart from them to get into bed as they are just perfect! The colours are also amazing. I think it’s fair to say that these are the best hand-crafted slippers I’ve seen in a long time!!

Pothies are beautiful – lovely rich natural colours, fit snugly and so warm. Everybody should have a pair! Thanks to for quick delivery. Jan

Just want you to know that wearing Super Hero Slippers is one of the most comfortably empowering things I have ever done. I love these ones the most and want you to swear if you give up doing this you will make me 5 pairs first. Thank you. Xx

We got the slippers in the post today..exquisite and stunning rich colours..thankyou very much to Bindi.. we highly recommend you!.. perfect presents all you folks reading this.. it’s easy to order and lovely to receive.

The pair I bought for my friend was commandeered by his girlfriend, who won’t wear any other slippers now. I find it funny how much me and others are fiercely attached to our pairs.

It’s Happy New Pothie Day, here at The Banners this evening…one happy little girl….just need time to fast forward two weeks so I can have my new birthday surprise too!! thanks Belinda for another amazing pair of Pothies xx

Hey, just wanted to drop you a wee note to say how much I love my pothies! I’ve had them for ages and wear them loads (after I got over the initial ‘I don’t want to wear them I’ll ruin them’ phase but they’re so warm and snugly and the bottom is so durable! Just wanted to say how amazing they are and don’t know how I ever survived without them before! Love love love them!!! They really are the most randomly awesome things I have ever seen and truly amazing! You are a super talented lady! Keep up the amazing work :):):)

just to say that I have received the gorgeous Pothies just. Was undoing them out in the road talking to a neighbour I couldn’t wait! I couldn’t have chosen the colour better as my personal choice, in fact I have just finished a Wingspan scarf on same shades. I will send you photo. Thank you SOOOO much, they fit absolutely perfectly and I just LOVE them.

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