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Summer Sweet-Peas (CH. sizes 13/1- 32/33, 1/2 -32/33)


A gentle combination of all the colours we love of Sweet Peas. Delicate Lilacs, lavenders, pretty pinks and a touch of white and green. Thick and warm, these will keep your feet warm whilst reminding you of the dreamy, blissful days of summer.

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Treat your feet to your very own pair of Pothies slippers.

Each pair of slippers is unique and made just for you.

Do you find you have a slightly different arch in your foot? Or perhaps your feet are a little wider than most? Not to panic, Pothies can be made to fit your feet exactly. Take a look at our made to measure section for more info.

Free postage for orders inside the UK.

Pothies are a soft, cosy-as-clouds crocheted slipper, made from both wool and synthetic yarns. The offer snuggly, huggable warmth as well as robust strength and durability. They are care-crafted in Wales, and are designed to accompany you in your everyday homely adventures. Customers have been known to keep a pair in the office or staff room, they’re quite often taken along to Kindergarten, playdates and weekends away, even camping; or on the plane! I kid you not.

Pothies are robust and hardwearing in their nature with a tough latex soles which mould to the shape of your feet, you’ll soon have a left and a right and become territorial over your slippers. Sharing is not an option!

They are made from many strands of yarns creating complex colours and tones, using pure wool for warmth and synthetic fibers for strength. between 8 -15 different yarns are used creating a strong, crocheted fabric that provides a good snug hug to your hardworking feet.

Kids pothies last well beyond the childs shoe size due to their stretchability and they have excellent hand-me-down credentials. Buying a size up and will make them last even longer…

Wash by hand or on a cool, ‘wash as wool’ cycle on your washing machine. Dry with the soles facing up and then they’re good to go. The rubber does not like going above 30c whether it is in the washing machine or out in the sun. They are truly Welsh, and do best in the shade!

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Child's 13/1, Child's 1/2


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