Pothies fit for Adventure

T’is a simple story I have to share. One of the very best sorts.

Some of our dearest friends spent the winter travelling with their four little adventurers in their newly acquired and decked out Van (I have serious Van envy).

Their smallest adventurer being just One, apart from his clothes took his Pothie boots (of course). But somewhere between here; Wales and Croatia and back again he LOST one.

So upon their return, I made him another, similar but not the same, boot. Ready for the other to tell of its tales and be introduced to the life of Free-Spirits and Eternal Sunshine.


And now his cousin, (also One) is off travelling with her grown-ups in their Van (more van envy) to Portugal. She also has a new pair of boots.


Maybe we could start a new thing, like the message in a bottle. If you find my Pothie please return it too… Although I have a feeling the Croatians probably could teach Little Old Me a thing or two about crochet…


I wonder if I might be making another one in a few months time?

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