Pothies finding their way home.

I am delighted to say that Pothies will be attending the Advent Fair at Michael Hall on the 29th of November. This fills me with so much joy for so many reasons, some of which are wide and far spread and others just as plain as day.

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Here are just 10 of them!

1. A while back I trained as a Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher. In the beginning my impulse was to teach my young children at home, but as the training went on the reasons for doing it grew 10 fold. It was a deeply nurturing, loving, guiding and expansive process, I grew as a Mum, as a person and found a wider community. (I’m in the red dress, on the bottom row!)

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2. At the same time I was learning how to make Pothies, I stocked the little school shop at Cardiff Steiner where I was completeing my teacher training and by the time I left many of the folk there had Pothie covered toes too. It was a wonderful experience, we travelled weekly from our rural home to Cardiff, lived in our cosy Caravan and experienced a precious time which has shaped our lives immensely.

3. Over the last 3 years, and mostly through Social Media the rich web of the Pothy Family Tree has unfolded before me, I have been able to piece together their 40 year history and much of their journey, including their presence at Steiner Schools mostly in the North Of England.

4. Pothies are the perfect Kindergarten Slipper. It is part of the rhythm of the Kindergarten day that the children arrive, take off their shoes and put on their slippers before entering Kindergarten. Pothies are easy to put on for little hands, and because they have a soft sole they allow little feet to move and play with no restriction or hindrance.

Ian's ifestyle shots-355. It feels really good to me that having completed my Steiner training and made the decision  that being a teacher wasn’t my path that I can offer my passion to a world that is important to me. The love that these teachers and communities share with their children is inspiring to the core.

6. I believe in fairies and gnomes, and magic.

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7. I believe in the magic of Christmas and the dance of Childhood.

8. I love listening to stories being told by heart. It is one of lifes utter pleasures.


603871_531134423595613_905238008_n9. Sharing in an event that celebrates family, festivals and food is a good, good thing.

10. I can go and be part of that whilst selling and talking about Pothies. Totally JOYUS!!

I could go on and on, there are so many links and cross overs at to why I’ll be in total heaven whilst at this fair. I know that I’ve said to before… I love my work!

Come and find me and say hello x







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