Our Story



When you own a pair of Pothies there is no going back…


Planet Pothy is a world where there are Continents of Cosiness, Countries of Hugs, Seas made from Hot Chocolate with bergs of whipped cream topped with sprinkles. Little creatures sleep in caves crocheted from yarn, the sun and the moon made from glittery thread, clouds are great pillows of carded wool.  All is happy, contented and warm, and of course, everyone is wearing Pothies..

Pothies have been described as ‘randomly awesome’ and “totally lush” and  “a treat for my feet!”

They are the ‘argh’ at the end of a long day at work in the office or field, or the ‘Ooooo’ when you’re dashing around after children (and creeping out of their bedroom at night) and everything inbetween. They are transportable, easy to slip in your bag and take that feeling of ‘home’ wherever you go; but don’t be fooled they love a bit of adventure and mischeif too!

They’ll go with you for coffee at your friends, on chilly nights whilst camping, to the old barn ‘soft play’ where its always freezing, or even to work. They’ll always be there to greet you after your days toil, they don’t need feeding or walking and will hug your feet until the bitter end. Each pair is as unique as you, no two pairs the same colour or size.

The baby boots will protect tiny toes and accompany their first precious ventures into crawling and walking providing good contact with the floor whilst keeping them warm and safe; the added toggle means they simply won’t come off  – no lost shoes!



Be prepared to become fiercely protective of your slippers.

There are Pothy owners who won’t even let their nearest and dearest set a toe within their slippers.

Once you have them on your feet everyone will want to be part of the Pothy action; they are solid and oh! so desirable.



Pothies orginated in Greece about 40 years ago, the name – ‘podi’ is foot in Greek, ‘podia’ is feet (pronounced ‘pothi’ or ‘pothia’). ‘pothies’ is a bit like saying ‘foots’ in English. It’s Grenglish.

They were created by Judith Whitard, from Cumbria who fell in love with a Greek man, and made him a pair for his birthday. They lived in Greece for a long time, Judith befriended the Gypsy Folk and learned their ways of animal rearing, sheep shearing, spinning and dyeing wool and making clothes.

Judith grew her craft and her Pothy making business, everyone wanted them, word of mouth took Pothies to every corner of the globe where they continue to be loved by everyone. Eventually a little cottage industry was born, it sustained families, where the makers could remain at home, look after their children and make pothies to bring in a little extra income.

Now in her 70s and back in Cumbria, Judith prefers more to write books than make pothies, meanwhile quite by chance I became a friend of a Pothy owner….

Oh my goodness I remember that day that I first clapped eyes on those amazing red and pink Pothies. I knew that they were going to be something that I loved from that moment onwards. Little did I know that Pothy making would become my passion, my bliss and my work. In picking up my hook, I continue the craft in much the same way, bringing my affinity with crochet, passion for colour, and exceptionally high standards to world of Planet Pothy.

Pothies - A Hug For Your FeetI am one of life’s makers. I love to create, to take tiny little seed like beginnings, nurture them and lend my creativity where it’s needed; to find the way for growth and life to happen. I like to think of lifes journey as a giant mixing bowl, into which go the essences of my experiences, I just continue to add the magical ingredients and stir a little. What results is the combination, the mixture, the alchemy of those experiences.

They can never come to the end result because I am forever adding new ingredients, progressively more fruity (although some would say batty) and quite a lot, nutty. My aim in life; to cultivate eccentricity. To walk my path with feet cosy and covered in Pothies, sometimes to forge forward in a pair of Wonder Woman Boots and sometimes to sit back and chill in the fluffiest pinkest pair I can find!

There is an honesty to Pothy making. It is a solid craft, it keeps me grounded and I am so proud to be making them, to order for you. I hope that they allow you to drop the busy-ness of life, even if just for an instant whilst putting them on. I hope that they remind you to bounce a little more, to relax a little more, to love a little more, to smile a whole lot more, for every stitch contains sentiments of all of those things… and more. They come from way back when, in rural Greece to accompany you right now, from Rural Wales, where our little family thrives, growing veg, keeping chickens, chopping wood and enjoying all the nuances of Country Life.

Pothies illuminate the simplicity and goodness in life whilst bringing colour and imagination to my everyday. Quite simply, I love them, thank you for loving them too.