Send us your size

We all know that not everyone is the same, this includes our feet.

Wide feet, slim feet, feet of different sizes? Do you have a walking impediment, or need your Pothies wider so you can uses your insoles? It’s all possible…

All you have to do is draw around the lucky feet and send the drawings too me, download the template below and follow the prompts – simple!

how-to order your pothies

In your drawing you need to write down what your usual shoe size is and state if you have a high instep, that’s the only thing I can’t tell from a drawing!

Add the measurements from your heel to longest toe, and across the widest part, this helps especially if you’re sending your drawings electronically – shapes often gets distorted on their trip through cyberspace to Planet Pothy.

Write your email address and where you’d like them sending to I’ll have all the information I need.

There is no extra charge for this service.

You can pay with a cheque, via a bank transfer or I can invoice you via Paypal.