Costumes for school show..

I always imagined that I would delight in making the kids costumes for their school plays. Actually, I really do like making them, it just so happens that there seem to be so many other things going on at the end of term too that often their costumes don’t get the time that I’d like to lavish upon them (probably a good thing!). I made this crocheted crown a few years ago for the nativity.. cute and fast make that my eldest daughter has worn and worn.

crownsAny how, our children changed schools after Easter, when proceeding a long, hard and emotional battle to save their teeny tiny school we came to an un-passable road block. They are now in an ever-so-slighty larger teeny tiny school and boy-o-boy they’re having a ball! We really couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome (other than all village schools staying open, forever of course).

Due to the teachers, and their dedication to teaching and the happiness of the all the children joining together (20 existing and 15 new pupils) the focus of last term was a great big production which included COSTUMES!! yippee!! Imagine my delight when the letter came home that my son was to be a Fox – I actually did a little ‘delight’ skip, oh my goodness I knew exactly what I was going to make… (and was ever so relieved that I didn’t have to make a woodpeckers costume – although it was brilliant!)

_DSF2654Here’s the first ear going on and my little cub running around the garden in total foxy celebration. It’s a pattern from Heidi May and it’s called Failynn Fox Cowl and I simply loved making it. I’m not a experienced knitter (there is a crochet version too, and lots of other animals, bear, owl, etc) but I managed it and loved finding a few quirky oddments in my wool stash to add in – including fluffy ears, don’t you love them? I’m hoping to see a lot more of this snood over the next few months as it gets colder.

The show was an enormous success and everyone looked great! I laughed and cried and thought that my heart might burst with pride at the sheer, utter relief of it all. To think that this time last year that we might be celebrating in such a way was beyond my wildest dreams. Happy Autumn everyone x

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