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Pothies finding their way home.

I am delighted to say that Pothies will be attending the Advent Fair at Michael Hall on the 29th of November. This fills me with so much joy for so many reasons, some of which are wide and far spread and others just as plain as day. Here are just 10 of them! 1. A […]

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on my hook today

On my hook today.. crocheting bliss.

Having treated my self business to a stash of amazing new wool and colours I have decided that I need to have a long overdue sort out of all the half used balls of wool that are sitting patiently in the bottom of my wool boxes. Some of these yarns I have had for years, […]

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reapir 10


It’s a fantastic thing having customers and the collaboration that happens between. I’m a great fan of ‘customer relations’, it’s part of my work that I truly love. It makes me so happy to work on a pair of pothies that I know will make someone so cosy and warm, and lift their spirits too. […]

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Don’t you think that sometimes it’s great to revisit why you started doing something in the first place? This week has been a bit explosive for me. I’ve had the chance to write down all that has been in my head ever since I began making Pothies, I’ve seen so many happy customers and with […]

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