Our Colour System

Colourful Play.


Colour makes my world go round – I could play with it all day long, it is one of my greatest pleasures. I am inspired daily by the world around me, from the landscape as the seasons change to the latest branding on corporate vans that whizz passed me.

I love colour’s infinity, I love to see it work together and make each single colour look it’s best. I love the way certain colours make others ‘pop’ and how it has the ability to affect the emotions. It’s my greatest honour to choose these colours just for you.

I work best using a colour theme as a rough guideline, I then set to work pulling yarns from my shelves and tubs; I am always looking to see how they respond to each other, twisting them slightly as I go to see if they’re going to ‘play nice’. Larger amounts of any one colour can dramatically change the over all effect whereas maybe just a very thin thread of something unexpected might lift the whole colour way into another stratosphere.

The themes that I have included are a starting point. They will be similar but not the same as I never replicate a pair of slippers, each pair is unique.

My stock of wool is always changing, new colours and textures come in whilst I say goodbye to old favourites. This keeps my work fresh, and quite honestly enables me to continue making Pothies without the slightest hint of repetition – it’s all down to the rhythm of crochet hook and the way that the colours present themselves in each stitch. For me it’s a winning, totally blissful combination and adds to the quirkyiness of each Pothy.

Pothies - Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Pothies - Camo Blue

Camo Blue

Pothies - Camo Pink

Camo Pink

Pothies - Sunset


Pothies - Autumn Spice

Autumn Spice

Pothies - Pebble


Pothies - Velvet Seas

Velvet Seas

Pothies - Urban Skies

Urban Skies

Pothies - Blackberry Ink

Blackberry Ink